About me

Hi, My name is Monu. I am a 26 year old half indian/indonesian fashion and makeup artist. Just like any other families i have three sister, i'm married and have a dog.

I live in london city UK. I graduated with a Bachelor's of arts degree in business and law however i've always had a keen passion for fashion! I work part time time for hypnoticdolly.com 

I have always had an eye for fashion, shapes and colours, always looking to create new and exciting styles, but even i don;t get it right sometimes. Celebrity fashion in particular is a huge interest to me. I started to search extensively how to recreate red carpet makeup and fashion ideas on a budget saving my self ££££'s whilst trying and testing new products and styles.

I'm sure so many celebrity fans are in the same boat as me, but without the time. Here at celebrity_outfitter i want to create a space where I find the fashion and fun makeup and style ideas of your favourite celebrities for you without you having to put in any of the handwork. most of my shots are taken on my dslr nikon d3100 however i have a lot of help from my photographer friend 'Ty Faruki' for my more professional and modelling images.

I have also collected many celebrity designer labels and brands over the years which i will be regularly updating, along with my own celebrity inspired collection. Many of the products i have for sale are handmade fashion and jewellery. Please also checkout a company i modelled for @ http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MulseyMutani?ref=seller_info for bespoke scarf and jewellery!

At hypnotic dolly- a charity based fashion shop, I am hoping to raise enough money through my blogs and go to africa and India towards the end of the year where my profits will be spent on helping improve conditions for people in poverty. I will keep progress of this on our Facebook page, please help me to make the people of africas' dreams come true!. There will be nothing spent personally by me or (i will be paying for my own travels, it will be donated straight tot the families in need.

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